How to Juice Wheatgrass

If you want to learn how to juice wheatgrass properly, then the following paragraphs are going to be invaluable to you.

You should not juice your wheatgrass in blenders, grinders and mixers because the rapid movement of the blade oxidizes the chlorophyll which means that the wheatgrass becomes useless. It would be great to mince the grass manually by mortar and pestle or on a grinder made of stone. Electric juicers are a good alternative.


Using a pair of scissors or a knife, cut ½ inch wheat grass above the surface of the soil. First chop the leaves after washing with clean, fresh water and add a little water and then grind to make a fine paste. Use mortar and pestle in grinding the wheatgrass and strain the juice with clean muslin cloth in a cup or in a clean container and then do the process again and again until the wheatgrass turns white. If you use the juicer for the process of juicing, use the instructions described in the manual. It is advisable that the juice is consumed thirty minutes after doing the harvest and the process of juicing because it will start to break down and will go bad within twelve hours.

Some users claim that the taste of the juice is somewhat unsavory and that it gives headaches and causes nausea but that’s due to the detoxifying nature of whetgrass juice.

Your body will most probably react to pathogens that can be found in wheatgrass that is grown in unhealthy conditions indoors and/or grown within the environment of a greenhouse. This should be taken into consideration.  Growers and sellers of kits know that wheatgrass planted and nurtured in closed environment has a greater possibility to be contaminated with molds. Some contaminates can be removed by washing and scrubbing.

If you use the one that has been grown in surroundings that replicate those of nature, you will have avoided some of these problems. Mother Nature has a process that helps the prevention of molds to take a hold of the grass. Sun, air, and lower density planting are some factors that will contribute in the prevention of molds.Since we are replicating natural conditions, wheatgrass which is produced this way has similar traits and qualities to that which is planted outside. It always tastes sweeter and lighter on the taste buds.

Follow this -how to juice wheatgrass- method and you’ll get the most nutreint rich wheatgrass shot that will energize you and prepare you for the daily chores.

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