Wheatgrass Use

There are numerous ways on how to be practical and creative in wheatgrass use. If you try to apply wheatgrass juice externally to your itching skin, you will notice that it will immediately soothe it and totally eliminate its recurrence. Wheatgrass paste has the ability to heal painful sunburnes.During the past few years, wheatgrass shot has turned out to be gaining in popularity due to it’s numerous benefits.

People all over the world have recognized the importance of wheatgrass products.If you have taste issues you can always add some lemon juice and honey to your wheatgrass juice.

If you want to improve circulation add some juice to your bath water before you dip your body for a long soak. Consider putting a fresh tray of wheatgrass near your headboard before going to sleep. Some patients suffering from insomnia conditions have tested this by placing more than one tray of fresh wheatgrass by the side of their bed and gained positive results by finally having a sound sleep.

Another wheatgrass use is to apply it as a beauty treatment.  You will discover that it is helpful in tightening the pores and toning your sagging skin. Many beauty experts realized the value of this wonderful natural remedy and they are amazed at how this wheatgrass use can also be helpful in repairing damaged hair, treating irritations associated with scaly scalp when rubbed in before shampooing. The method is to apply the juice, leaving it on your scalp for an hour or two, before you wash it off.

Other wonderful wheatgrass use is to consider it as a disinfectant. You may want to try the juice by applying it to your cuts or wounds for faster healing. It can also be used for treatment of burns, rashes, athlete’s foot, open ulcers, sores, and insect bites as well. For emergency purposes, you must have an available wheatgrass pulp soaked in water so the juice can be fresh and directly applied to whatever you need to disinfect. Pour some on the bandages before wrapping the bandage to the affected area and covering it with a dry and disinfected cloth, changing the bandage as often as possible every three or four hours. It can also help heal your pet’s skin disease and can be effective as a powerful odor eliminator.

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